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January 16th
Tom Fenton, Hilles Hughes, Mark Kerenyi; Drugs in our Community
January 23rd
Dr. Tyler Hill; Memorial Care Now App
January 30th
Patrice Pooler, Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home
Russell Hampton
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Meeting Notes:

January 9, 2020
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Peter Keim
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Christy Elliot, Charleston, WV Rotary
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Wendy Clark, Bird Watchers Digest, guest of Dan Harrison
  • Ashley Misel, new employee of SEOPA, guest of Andy Kuhn
  • Ken Gulick, Dimex, guest of Bob Kirkbride
  • Hilles Hughes, Behavior Health and Jackson Patterson, Mainstreet West, guests of Tom Fenton
  • Garrett Napier and Maddy Newsom, student guests from Wood County Christian
  • Duty Roster is going around– Sign up!
  • Anyone who is interested serving on the Golf Outing Committee should contact club leadership.
  • There was a 4-Way Test Speech meeting after the Rotary meeting.  If anyone is interested in serving on that project, contact Shawn.
  • The Rotary Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 14th, 7:30am at the Microtel.
Good News-Bad News:
  • Danielle Bruni announced retirement party for longtime bank employee and colleague, Jane DeLancy.
  • Colleen Cook reported that Judge Triplett will be coming home.
  • George Broughton reported that Pancake Day tickets are now on sale.
  • Larry Clayman is retiring.
  • Bob Kirkbride suggested sensitivity training for Rotarians.
  • Jim Peebles is happy to report that his wife has a clean bill of health.
  • President Shawn celebrated a birthday this week.
Sergeant at Arms:
Wally Kandel was Sergeant at Arms and fined numerous people, including Bob Kirkbride, Tina Adams, Danielle Bruni, Laura Miller and Kathy Schalitz- all for being on Santa’s “naughty list”. 
In addition, he fined David Bricker for slipping in a ditch while hunting, George Broughton for OSU’s loss to Clemson, Mark Kerenyi for having too many Facebook friends, all Rotarians because the school levy failed, Dean Booth for being a friend of Larry Hall, and Danielle Bruni a second time for being a Peoples Bank scrooge. 
He however praised Gary O’Brien for saving a passenger’s life at 30,000+ feet during a flight home from California.
Jill Jess, PR Manager for Western Governors University
This online college was launched in 1997, and the Ohio branch opened in 2018. This a non-profit, accredited on line school with students in all 50 states. Their mission is to expand access to quality higher education to traditional and non-traditional students.
Split the Pot:
Gary O'Brien won the weekly prize of $31, but missed out of the Jackpot of $505. The game goes on!

Duty Roster

Jan. 16th
Jan. 23rd
Jan. 30th
Feb. 6th
Dave Vandenberg  Andy Kuhn Dave Baker
Adam Schwendeman
Ticket Sales
Peter Keim
Adam Schwendeman
Larry Hiser  Larry Clayman
Adam Schwendeman  Ken Morrison Danielle Bruni
Kin Brewer
Charlotte Keim 
Can Collection
Dick Murdock 
Danielle Bruni