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Meeting Notes:

July 18, 2019
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Deana Clark
Guests of Rotarians:
  • MacKenzie Allen, guest of Laura Miller
  • Shawn presented Laura Miller with her Past President Pin.
  • Laura read a beautiful sentimental bio about why Kathy Schalitz deserved to be the 2018-2019 Rotarian of the Year and then presented her with an award.
  • Terry Rataiczak presented Peter Prigge with a Paul Harris Fellow +4.
  • Davis reminded the club that 5 Romanians are coming to our District, and more importantly, to our club Aug. 31 through Sept. 3 and we need some Rotarians to step up and open their homes to them.
  • Shawn announced that a sign-up was going around for the Shelter Box project. We need volunteers for Saturday 7/20. We still need two people to work the last shift 2:30- 4:30.
  • Duty Roster is circulating – PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • Suzy announced that there are 5 Marietta students currently at OU attending RYLA.
Good News-Bad News:
  • Andy Thompson wanted to thank everybody in the club for the gracious outpouring of sympathy and help during the sudden passing of his mother, Elsa. He and his family are very grateful for all of the tender cards and words.  He also shared that a good friend of his, Mr. Maddox, who ran the historical museum in Plushing Ohio, passed away this week. He is grieved at this loss as well as they had been good friends for a long time.
  • George Broughton announced that the new park is hosting its first wedding on August 10th and he encourages Rotary to hold a meeting there in the very near future…and although President Shawn tried to pin him down to free food and drinks, he would only commit to water.
  • Colleen Cook imparted words of wisdom (tongue in cheek) to Shawn, borrowed from Bill Wesel: “No one can screw this club up in a year…even you”.
  • Bill White was happy to share that the Ohio Arts Council gave away 17.4 Million dollars this year to support the Arts in Ohio, better yet, the Colony Theater (Peoples Bank Theater) and the Mid-Ohio Valley Children’s Choir are both receiving a piece of the pie.
  • Suzy Zumwalde shared that she and Sam are back safe and sound from a week in TX where they surfed and ate great Mexican food and hung out with old friends. And Sam is gone to RYLA for the weekend so if anyone wants to go hang out, call her.
  • Shawn threw in a couple bucks to announce that his daughter just turned 19 and his wife just turned 30…again.   He also said that the Warren High School Boys Football Team competed in Gallia this week and did very well so they are expecting a great season.
President Shawn Taylor presented his plan for the year today.
He began by telling us a little more about himself and his children and then went on to lay out a four-fold plan:
  1. Expand our reach by adding new members, engaging the talents and abilities of current members in a project, starting an Interact Club at Warren High School and creating some more informal social gatherings.
  2. Enhance our participant engagement by creating family friendly activities and getting a project that will get everybody involved resulting in a more personal and professional fulfilling experience with Rotary.
  3. Increase our ability to adapt; being respectful of one’s professional commitments and not waiting for a few to do all of the work (we all have full time jobs), and remembering that we are all on the membership committee and we should each engage in bringing new members.
  4. Find a Signature Fund Raiser. Nearly every other club in our community has one or more annual fundraisers that can be counted on every year. Our club is 99 years old and does not. We need to work together to come up with a great annual signature project.
Shawn also shared that he does have a project idea for the year of his presidency. He would like to see cement stadium seating be installed, and the dug outs be lowered into the ground creating safer environment for the players, at the Warren High School baseball field. The project is estimated to cost $15,000 - $20,000. We’ll be hearing more about that in the future.
Split the Pot:
Andy Thompson won the weekly prize of $16, but missed out on the jackpot of $428. The game goes on!

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