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December 19th
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December 26th
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Meeting Notes:

December 12, 2019
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Flite Freimann
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Zooey Ray, guest of Deana Clark
  • Ashley Farnswoth and Olivia Dibeit, student guests from the Washington County Career Center
  • Duty Roster is circulating – PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • Please let Shawn know if you are interested in joining a committee to plan a Golf Outing this coming May.
  • Notes from the December meeting of the Board of Directors:
    • Votes for meeting location were counted. 45 – Hotel; 16 – Country Club; 6 – Adelphia. Meetings will continue at the Lafayette Hotel.
    • Cost of meals will increase to $12/meal starting January 2nd.
    • Suzy Zumwalde’s request for Leave of Absence was approved.
    • Membership is increasing; 5 new members in the last year; goal is 100 members by 2021
    • Approved two grants:
      • Salvation Army – non-slip socks for residents of nursing homes
      • Devola Pool – AED equipment
Good News-Bad News:
  • Carrie Ankrom announced her son was named 2nd Team All State – WV for football.
  • Carrie also encouraged everyone to tune in to WMOA at 8:50am on Monday 12/16 for a big announcement from MACC. (We now know the speaker for the MACC Annual Dinner is OSU Head Football Coach Ryan Day!)
  • Dave Vandenberg shared that there were 19 students at the most recent meeting for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
  • Dave also reported that his daughter, who now lives in Aman, will be home for Chirstmas.
  • After traveling through Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas in November, Dick Murdock was finally introduced to Uber by his grandson. He also had a birthday in November.
  • Wally was a guest on WMOA promoting the Christmas Zoo at The Workingman’s Store.
  • Deanna Clark’s granddaughter Zooey reported that her mama had been sick with a cough but she is feeling much better now.
  • Andy Kuhn reported that he hosted an economic development group from Las Cruces, NM and they were very impressed with the sense of community and unity in the Marietta area.
  • Peter Prigge celebrated his birthday last week.
  • Molly Varner was happy to announce that it has been one year since her surgery.
  • Wally will be celebrating his birthday later this month.
  • George Broughton led the club in a very enthusiastic “OH-IO!”
  • Shawn Taylor announced that his son celebrated his 17th birthday this month.
Sergeant at Arms- Bob Kirkbride:
We all know that George Broughton peddles Key-Wanis (the traditional Sam Cook pronunciation of “Kiwanis”) pancake tickets in February but now he’s driving their parade float as well!
Larry Hall scooted early so Larry Hiser offered to pay his fines – Bob K asked Hiser to make sure he had at least $2 in his wallet (hinting that he would be fined as well).
In an effort to maintain his status as the most interesting man in Marietta, Larry Hall got into the cattle business, cross-bred the cattle with hyenas, and how he as the laughing stock of Washington County.
Bill White has been on the board of directors for the Ohio Arts Council since 2007. An artist who recently sold a work of modern art for $150,000 credited Bill with his inspiration for the piece – a banana duct-taped to a white wall.
Larry Hiser was congratulated on the success of Marietta College athletics but a recent pic in the Marietta Times showed one of the players on the women’s basketball team with a hole in her sock.  When asked what he has been doing with the budget, he replied, “Paying fines.”
Jacky “Cheetah” Miner knows a little bit about aircraft and flying. For instance, navy pilots are instructed to land hard so the tailhook catches the arresting wire on the deck. During a recent flight, she experienced a particularly rough landing and while other passengers were too shy to confront the pilot, Jacky exclaimed, “Did we land or were we shot down?”
Lisa Sutton, Executive Director of The Children’s Listening Place Child Advocacy Center gave us an overview of the center’s primary functions and goals.
Lisa is a certified forensic interviewer and the center is staffed with forensic interviewers specifically trained to interview children, and adult individuals with special needs, who have been victims of abuse or other trauma.
They currently serve Wood County, WV and surrounding counties as resources allow. The center has performed more than 500 interviews in 2019. They rarely deny a request for services, regardless of the victim’s location. The center offers a child-friendly atmosphere where forensic interviewers can ask questions in a non-leading way to obtain information from victims.
They also have a registered nurse and nurse practitioner on staff to perform medical exams when necessary. They work in conjunction with law enforcement and legal counsel and because interviews are video recorded, interviewers can testify on behalf of the victim so the victim doesn’t have to appear in court.
Lisa is in the process of writing a grant to obtain funds for a mobile unit so they can provide services anywhere.
The center was recently gifted $1.6MM and the board chose to invest those funds to secure future operations. 
Split the Pot:
Peter Prigge won the weekly prize of $44, but missed out on the jackpot of $406. The Game Goes On!

Duty Roster

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