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January 23rd
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January 30th
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Meeting Notes:

January 16, 2020
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Kin Brewer
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Roger Coffman, guest of Flite Freimann
  • Mary Beth Peebles, guest of Jim Peebles
  • Aleece Dye, guest of Danielle Bruni
  • Garrett Napier and Mattie Newsom, student guests from Wood County Christian
  • Duty Roster is going around– Sign up!
  • Anyone who is interested serving on the Golf Outing Committee should contact club leadership.
  • President Shawn reminded us that all Rotarians are “on the membership committee” and he encouraged us to be on the lookout for potential new members.
  • We are also seeking a Presidential nominee.
  • It was announced that a resolution had been made to purchase a sound system to accompany our audio/visual cart.
  • Rotarians Linda Dailey and John Flannery are on a leave of absence, and Larry Burke is no longer a club member.
Good News-Bad News:
  • Shawn Taylor celebrated a win by the Warriors.
  • George Broughton announced Pancake Days are here.
  • Flite Friemann was happy that at age 47, he is halfway through the traditional “most miserable year”.
  • Nikita celebrated a birthday.
  • Bill Ruud spoke of Ohio Nat’l Guard education benefits at Marietta College.
  • Tina Adams “foster daughter” broke her 3pt record.
  • Tom Perry celebrated his 50th birthday.
  • Matt Evans thankful for a recent trip west, and expressed sadness for victims of an avalanche that hit the same resort he had stayed in 2 weeks after he returned home. 
Sergeant at Arms:
Eric Erb was Sergeant at Arms. He had numerous 2020 predictions for us, but prefaced his comments with they are “just predictions” and we are not to be offended if they don’t come true.
He predicted that:
  • David Haas will change the name of his business to “Hass Incorporated”.
  • Jerry Brock will retire and the firm changes its name to “Cook”.
  • Adam Schwendemen will regret joining Rotary when he misses a meeting and Collen tells him that he is an embarrassment to the firm.
  • President Trump will win in 2020 and Molly Varner will go underground and revert to using her given name of Mary.
  • Peoples Bank Theater BOD will request that Hunt Brawley drop the name Hunt and return to using his given name of Robert to help with fund-raising. He refuses, resigns, and goes across the street to the Mid-Ohio Valley Players to begin a 15-year theater rehab project.
  • Shawn Taylor will not drink as much on New Year’s so he can show up for Rotary meeting on January 2nd, unlike this year, and that maybe his son will serve out the remainder of Shawn’s term, since he seems to be taking all the glory that forever was Shawn’s at Warren High School.
  • Kevin Witucky and Mike Archer will continue the competition for non-prefect attendance.
  • Jennifer Sturgill will come out of her shell.
  • Jacky ‘Cheetah’ Miner will begin dating younger men and will fund a new Marietta High School if they change their mascot name.
  • Jim Addison will continue practicing law, but add a third daily nap.
  • Bill and Pat Peoples will continue their funeral pre-planning seminars, but add new consultant, Linda Steelman. They will advise clients to eliminate fruit and healthy breakfast options, and serve triple helpings of bacon and sausage.  They’ll also promote 2-3 smoke breaks in their post card mailings.
  • Tina Adams and Kathy Schalitz will begin to act like ladies at Rotary.
  • Bill White will exorcise his demons by reaching out to 70’s group “The Average White Band” who never invited him in and lets them know he’s still available.
  • Marietta City Schools closes Harmar School.  Cheryl Cook buys it and opens the first All- Amish school in Washington County.
The weekly program was presented in three parts by Judge Kerenyi, Hilles Hughes, and Jackson Patterson.  They shared information about the Washington County Behavioral Health Board and the newly formed Drug Court which advocates for treatment options instead of jail time for some drug offenders.  Mr. Patterson is the co-organizer for Main Street West and advocates for quality of life improvements for the residents of Harmar Village. 
Split the Pot:
Pam Cannon won the weekly prize of $43, but missed out of the Jackpot of $548. The game goes on!

Duty Roster

Jan. 23rd
Jan. 30th
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