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October 3rd
Rotary 6690 District Governor Gary Vaughan
October 10th
Calling Competition (National Wild Turkey Federation); Stephanie Thompson
October 17th
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October 24th
Breast Health Awareness
October 31st
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Meeting Notes:

September 26, 2019
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Pat Peoples
  • Duty Roster is circulating – PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • Oct. 3rd- Meeting will be held at the Elizabeth Sugden Broughton Community Building on St. Rt. 821 and will be catered by Parkhurst Dining. This is the District Governor meeting so please attend if possible!
    • Oct. 10th- Meeting at the Adelphia, downtown Marietta
    • Oct. 17th & 24th- Meeting at the Marietta Country Club
    • Oct. 31st- Meeting again at the Adelphia
  • We have discussed some of the current issues with the Lafayette but are trying out some new locations so that we have options should we need them.
  • Board Members please plan to meet at 10AM before the Meeting next week, and if you are a Board Member over a Committee Silo, please be prepared to give a 3 minute presentation concerning the committees you are directing.
  • The tailgate party last week was attended by Terry, Shawn, Vicky, Matthew and Bill and Larry dropped by as well. Matthew also shot off the touchdown cannon. We’ll plan something again soon on a less busy weekend and let you all know well before hand.
Good News-Bad News:
  • Pat Peoples announced she was celebrating a birthday.
  • Bill Peoples quickly presented Pat with centerpiece flowers he stole from a table since he admitted forgetting today was her birthday.
  • McKenzie Allen was happy to report she survived the Upper Gauley.
  • Laura Miller reminded everybody that Saturday, September 28th is ‘SHRED DAY’ at Settlers Bank.
  • Davis announced that his wife’s band did a great job at the Marietta College Tailgate party and we could catch her band on Facebook,  then Dave Baker noted a bit later that Davis didn’t tell us the name of his wife’s band so Davis had to pay another dollar to say Jenny’s band name is ‘Aftershock’.
  • Shawn Taylor announced that this was the day he proposed to his wife 6 years ago.
Dave shared about he and Sarah’s adventures to Aman Jordan to visit his daughter and her husband. He presented a very captivating power point including pictures from every day scenes that can be found in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. Sharing pictures of people at work and play and enjoying time with their family, Dave reminded us that people are the same all over the world. When asked if he was able to attend a Rotary Meeting while away, he stated, that although there are numerous clubs throughout the regions he visited, his schedule didn’t allow him to visit another club. Thank you Dave for another great presentation!
Split the Pot:
Dave Vandenberg won the weekly prize of $38 and the jackpot of $778. Congrats Dave!

Duty Roster

Oct. 3rd
Oct. 10th
Oct. 17th
Oct. 24th
Bill Ruud Pam Cannon Vicky Wood OPEN
Ticket Sales
McKenzie Allen Peter Keim Laura Miller OPEN
Tammy Bates Davis Powers Stephanie Thompson Bill Peoples
Andy Kuhn Charlotte Keim OPEN OPEN
Can Collection
Matthew Livengood McKenzie Allen OPEN Carrie Ankrom