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Rotary Foundation
August 8th
Mid-Ohio Valley Dragon Boat Group & Felicia Buell Thrivers; Janet Chase
August 15th
Congressman Bill Johnson
August 22nd
Dolly Parton Imagination Library- Washington County; Heather Allender & Mason Beuhring
August 29th
Washington County Crisis Response Team; Stacy Elliott & Ken Hall
September 5th
Ohio River Sternwheel Festival; Cindy Hall
September 12th
New Member Bios
September 19th
1st Ohio Battery K- Civil War Reenactment; Jack Mackinnon & Bill Beardsley
September 26th
The Adventures of Dave and Sarah Vandenberg
October 3rd
Calling Competition (National Wild Turkey Federation); Stephanie Thompson
Russell Hampton
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Meeting Notes:

August 1, 2019
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Kin Brewer
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Dean Morris, guest of David Wesel. Dean is a visiting student at MHS from Germany. He is the 3rd Morris boy to stay in the Wesel’s home over the years. He’ll be living with the Wesel’s for 6 months.
  • Duty Roster is circulating – PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • Dave Vandenberg announced that on Monday September 2nd (Labor Day) there will be Dinner and program from the visiting Romanian NGSE Team on the Valley Gem. Dinner is $25 per person. Please sign up or contact Dave if you are interested in attending.
  • President Shawn mentioned the new Rotary inflatable that was plugged in and noisily gathering attention in the corner. It was just an FYI and it was unplugged after the announcement.
  • Danielle Bruni stated that we were in need of at least one more Rotarian to help out with the Shelter Box information table at the First Friday event on Aug. 2.      
New Rotarian:
Membership committee co-chairs, Bill White and Daneka Hedges, with sponsoring member, Laura Miller, welcomed McKenzie Allen, Merrill Lynch, into the club and presented her with a red badge. Welcome aboard McKenzie!
Good News-Bad News:
  • George Broughton shared that they have almost 40 events scheduled at the new pavilion and welcomed the entire club to come out and have a look.
  • Joe Derkin shared that after deciding with his girlfriend that they needed new flooring in their home, he came home one day to see the entire center section of the carpeting in the living room missing. Needless to say, it’s happening sooner than later.
  • Megan Moretz brought little Larry with her to the meeting. He’s only 3 ½ months old so she scooted out pretty quickly to go decorate for VBS, after announcing that she just celebrated her birthday and the Salvation Army Van is going to be at Walmart over the weekend from 10:00 – 6:00 to gather extra school supplies for local children.
  • Larry hall paid a buck to celebrate that Megan and her husband are keeping the name Larry alive!
  • Stephanie Thompson shared that she had visited Russ Reid last week and he is improving and is missing everyone and appreciates their goodwill and prayers.
  • Jennifer Sturgill announced that her oldest daughter, Devon, was currently out in the ocean tagging bull sharks and running some standard tests on them. Also, first Friday was last week. Every First Friday is a great time to come down to Front St and shop local!
  • President Shawn announced that the Beverly/Lowell boys baseball team won their tournament the other evening and will be going on to regionals!   
Sergeant at Arms:
Eric Erb began his Sgt. At Arms diatribe by stating that things were becoming very lax in our club. There seems to be no penalties being dished out for rule breakers (although Eric was sitting at an all-male table…but George Broughton was the last to arrive so he only charged George a dollar).
He charged Laura Miller for making a self-indulgent commercial for Settlers Bank 20th Anniversary last week. He charged her 4% because she wasn’t part of Peoples Bank.
Colleen Cook was charged for numerous things, such as; brother was a District Governor, went to MHS and MC, lives on Ohio Street, husband owns a tire store.
Johnny Wharff was fined because his attendance is completely contingent on the jackpot (which is over $460 now).
Pat Peoples was fined for expanding her business which is a poor reflection of Marietta’s economic development.
Attorney Addison when asked, “What do you have when I give you 2 tents, and then 2 more, and finally 2 more?”, answered 7 tents. After a grueling math lesson repeated in numerous ways from Eric, Jim was fined because he stuck to 7. This making no sense to Eric, he finally got to the bottom of it when Jim said, “Well, I already owned one tent and then you gave me 6 more”.
Glenna Hoff, Campus Martius Museum, Inland Waterways Festival
Glenna gave us all of the times and dates for the free festival which was last Saturday. She highlighted the events that would be going on including, but not limited to, the Dragon Boats free rides, plenty of kids crafts, Mark Twain out and about, the education programs and the ever popular oversized 2,000 gallon fish tank filled with fish from the Ohio River.                         
Split the Pot:
Stephanie Thompson won the weekly prize of $22, but missed out on the jackpot of $469. The game goes on!

Duty Roster

Aug. 8th
Aug. 15th
Aug. 22nd
Aug. 29th
Danielle Bruni Tasha Werry
Ticket Sales
Larry Clayman Tammy Bates Dan Harrison Matthew Livengood
Peter Keim Jennifer Sturgill
Carrie Ankrom
Laura Miller
Linda Steelman Kin Brewer
Can Collection
Colleen Cook Matt Evans Dave Vandenberg