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November 7th
Peoples Bank History, Chuck Sulerzyski
November 14th
Veteran's Day Program
November 21st
Surfing Competition 'Learning the Slang', Andy Kuhn
November 28th
NO MEETING- Happy Thanksgiving!
December 5th
Marietta Fire Department 125th Anniversary Celebration, Chief Durham and Raleigh Krigbaum
December 12th
The Children's Learning Place, Lisa Sutton
December 19th
Christmas Program- Friendship Chapter VII Sweet Adelines
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November 7th
Davis Powers
November 14th
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Meeting Notes:

October 31, 2019
Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test led by: Deana Clark
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Speaker Jeff Tom, Belpre Rotary Club
  • David Haas, Marietta Morning Rotary
Guests of Rotarians:
  • Hallie Oblisk and Jimmy Fauber - Student Guests from Williamstown High School
  • Isabella Friemann, Interact Student Guest
  • Mason Beuhring, guest of Heather Allender
  • Duty Roster is circulating – PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • We are returning to the Lafayette Hotel next week and will remain at that location until the membership has an opportunity to vote. 
  • Our annual 12 days of Christmas fundraiser will be starting soon, please start collecting donations.
  • Charlotte Keim is organizing our 100th Anniversary Celebration and is in need of project ideas to be submitted to her no later than 11/12/19 to celebrate the occasion, (formal dinner was previously mentioned). If you have any memorabilia from years past she would like to display these items for all to see and reminisce. Please search your archives!
  • Daneka Hedges is organizing our Veterans Program and is in need of photos by November 8th.
  • The annual ringing of the bells for the Salvation Army at Wal-Mart will be on December 14th, from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (at both doors) sign-ups will be November 21st
  • Interact Vice President Isabelle Freimann announced that the Interact fundraiser will be held on Nov. 4 at Whit’s Custard. All funds raised will be donated by Interact to Operation Smile. 
  • Alice Chapman wants the Club to know that her husband has taken a turn for the worse and the doctor has given him 3 months to live. Our hearts and prayers are with Alice and her family during this very difficult time.
  • The club received a thank you letter for the candy that was donated for Trick or Treat in Muskingum Park on Saturday. They were able to fill 720 goody bags.
  • Shawn also shared a thank you letter for the Dictionaries from Putnam Elementary’s third graders. Which Dave Haas took offense to, given the Morning Club donated the Dictionaries but the Noon Club received all the accolades.  You win some, you lose some, Dave.              
Good News-Bad News:
  • Gary O’brien was happy to report that his daughter’s winery in Napa didn’t burn down, although the one across the street from hers did. And the fire came within 2 blocks of her home but it was spared.
  • David Bricker announced that Michigan doesn’t have a game this weekend and David is ready for football to be over and basketball season to begin.
  • Dave Haas announced that he has Morning Club Christmas Wreaths for sale.
  • Charlotte Hatfield announced that Pam Cannon had knee replacement surgery and she’s on the road to recovery.
  • Jacky Miner gave a shout out to the Washington Nationals for winning the World Series and Laura Miller mentioned that Jim Mills has a grandson who plays on the Nationals.
  • Shawn Taylor proudly announced that the Warren High Football Team is doing fantastic. They are really turning that ball club around. And even more proud to share that his son Kurt threw 352 yards on Friday, surpassing the school record which was held by Shawn himself.
  • Bob Kirkbride asked who the Quarterback Coach is, to which Shawn responded, “Me.” Good job Shawn.
Sergeant at Arms- Laura Miller:
David Haas was charged a dollar for sitting at the attendance table trying to sell Morning Club wreaths, and then charged another dollar for saying everyone in our club should pay a dollar.
Tammy Bates was charged a dollar for the incomplete notes provided for the MarRotaGram. More specifically, “Someone won the prize, but not the jackpot’. Tammy wasn’t there to pay the dollar so Colleen Paid it…because she was there.
Tuesday I attended the Ribbon Cutting with the Chamber of Commerce for Strawberry Fields. A very reputable and secure new business in town filling prescriptions for medical marijuana. It was all very up and up and professional until Gary Obrien arrived and asked where the free samples were.
Carrie Ankrom did a very nice job moderating the ribbon cutting until she had to thank them for their contribution to our community, at which point she just talked about… how …pretty the new paint looks.
A couple of weeks ago we didn’t have a volunteer to lead the invocation, so when I arrived Daneka asked if I would fill the role. I told her ‘of course – but if someone else was willing, that was good too.’  I was focusing on attendance and greeting club members as they were coming in - when she came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Wally is praying for me”. I replied, “That’s so sweet.” And then realized she meant he was going to do the invocation.  That was a little embarrassing. So Please collect a dollar from the following people who haven’t volunteered for anything in a very long time, leaving the rest of us to cover all the bases:
  • Mike Ward
  • Scott Cantley, who wasn’t there but Colleen is on his board so Colleen paid his fine.
  • Linda Dailey, who wasn’t there so Mike Ward had to pay her dollar too.
  • Jim Addison, who, when asked when was the last time he served, declared, “I’m so old I can’t remember.”   
Last week I was taking attendance and sitting next to the esteemed Judge Kerenyi who was selling raffle tickets. When Rotarians began lining up for lunch they were very near the attendance table- so Bob Kirkbride took advantage of the proximity to the Judge to inform him that, back in the day,  when the Marines were on the ground feeling that lovely morning dew, it was actually the air force flying above them and emptying their ‘relief tanks’ on them. That’s no way to treat a brother in arms.
And Ken Morrison stood by grinning and agreeing with Bob, which further ‘dumped’ on Mark.
One more: Leslie Bucina was on a leave of absence for a good deal of this year, and you were sorely missed. We also missed collecting any fines from you for several months. …Welcome back. That will be a dollar.
President Elect Daneka Hedges introduced Belpre Rotarian, and owner of MOV2Go, Jeff Tom.
Jeff was born in California and moved to the MOV when he was 8. He then made it his mission to get out of the MOV. After joining the Navy and then going into the Music scene playing in bands and marketing various products and people, he opened his own marketing firm. A couple years ago his dad was diagnosed with COPD so he moved back to the MOV to be with his dad and to bring back digital marketing skills for High School students. Something that was lacking in this area.  He began MOV2Go and four years ago and for the last 3 years he is using High School students exclusively to do the production work. They focus on producing High School Football games, including the pre- and post-game shows. He encouraged the club not to get worked up about their kids growing up and moving away. They need experiences they can get in the world that they can’t necessarily obtain in this area. And then one day, like him, they may bring those skills back to this area.
Split the Pot:
Terry Rataiczak won the weekly prize of $45, but missed out on the jackpot of $185. The Game Goes On!

Duty Roster

Nov. 7th
Nov. 14th
Nov. 21st
Nov. 28th
Stephanie Thompson Bill Ruud Jill Altenburger NO
Ticket Sales
Jill Altenburger Laura Miller Larry Clayman MEETING!
Jim Peebles Tony Huffman Deana Clark HAPPY 
Kin Brewer Bill White Megan Moretz THANKSGIVING!
Can Collection
Davis Powers McKenzie Allen Carrie Ankrom