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Charter Members (from Marietta Rotary 1921-1971, Allen E.Rupp - published in honor of the club's 50th anniversary)
This is the list of the twenty-five men whose names were on the original application for a club charter submitted to Rotary International in 1921.


  1. Frank  L. Alexander - Hay and grain dealer.  He moved to Marion, Ohio, a few later years later.

  2. Rev. Maurice Clarke - Episcopalian rector.  Moved to St. Stephens Church, Columbus, Ohio.

  3. Joe H. Cecil - Grocer. He resigned from the club on 1/1/1927.

  4. Orton C. Dunn - Oil Producer.

  5. John W. Dysle - Retail druggist.

  6. Edward Erdman -Wholesale grocer. He moved to Columbus, Ohio, in the early years of the club.

  7. Edward B. Follett - Attorney. He moved to Cleveland in 1929.

  8. Fred C. Hall - Auto accessories manufacturer - President of Northwestern Chemical Co.  He moved to Boston, Mass. In 1931.

  9. Will VB. Hayes - Fire insurance.

  10. Reno G. Hoag - Hotel Manager - Hotel Lafayette.

  11. John Kaiser - Entered club under the classification "Newspaper man" although he was in real estate business and later lost his classification.

  12. Foster H. Leidecker - Oil Tool manufacturer - Leidecker Tool Co.  He never attended and dropped out in the first year.

  13. John H.McCoy - Commercial banking-President of Peoples Banking and Trust Co. Moved to Columbus, Ohio, as President of City National Bank in 1/1/1935.  He was made an honorary member of our club.

  14. Frank B. McKinney - Newspaper editor - Marietta Times. Resigned within two years.  HE didied 1/31/1968,the last of the charter members, although he attended Rotary slightly more than one year.

  15. Charles W. Otto - Dry Goods - Otto Brothers. Died January, 1962, after 40 years of membership.

  16. Dr. Edward S. Parsons - Education - President of Marietta College. Moved to Jaffrey, NH in 1936.  He was made an honorary member of our club.

  17. Albert J. Patterson -YMCA Secretary. He moved to Detroit in 1929.

  18. Beman Plumber-Stocks and Bonds. Resigned from the club a few years after joining.

  19. Fred C. Snodgrass - Haberdasher - Sniffens Clothing Co. He lost his classification but later became cashier of People's Bank and returned to club under classification of banker.

  20. Arthur H. Strecker - Leather Goods Mfg.-Strecker Bros. Co. Died in 1962 after 40 years as a member.

  21. Louis Strecker - Hardware Retail - Union Hardware Co. Resigned 1/1/1933.

  22. Alex M. Swan - Contractor's Supplies - Swan Lumber Co. Resigned 1/1/1930.

  23. Oscar J. Sybert - Theater Manager - Hippodrome(now the Colony). Moved to Butler, PA 9/1/1922.

  24. Silas M. Thurlow - Chair Mfg. - Marietta Chair Co. Later lost his classification but was reassigned as Financial Secretary of Marietta College. He died 11/13/1963 after 42 years as a member.

  25. Ellsworth H. Wigginton - Safe Cabinet Mfg.  "Wig" lost this classification and returned under "Retail Sales. He changed that job and returned under "Life Insurance."

This is the charter list.  Eleven years later at a celebration on June 9, 1932, only nine of the original twenty-five remained.  The nine were Dunn, Dysle, Hayes, Hoag, McCoy, Otto, Parsons, Art and Lou Strecker.